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Name: Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Liberia Protected Area


Type: Forest Loss Intelligence Report


Monitoring Period: 2019 Q1-Q2



This report includes the top 5 cases from each country Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Liberia, 15 case in total.



Deforestation and forest cover statistics were calculated within protected area boundaries. To select the top ve protected areas, Forest Report Monitor calculated and ranked protected areas in each country using the University of Maryland GLAD Forest alerts in 2019. Alert clusters from each protected area identied for each country were reviewed using Sentinel-1 or Sentinel-2. Imagery was used to identify whether natural forest had been lost and the likely cause (e.g. smallholders, artisanal mining). Historical forest cover was calculated using 2001 Primary Forest layer (UMD GLAD) and current results are presented with corresponding charts, maps, and recent satellite imagery.



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Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Liberia Protected Area 2019 Q1/Q2